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Ben, Leah, Tamar & Eden. Family photo featuring author of Not Only Carrots (plant-based cookbok)My story begins about 10 years ago with a thoughtful friend of ours, Ken. He eagerly shared an amazing book with us: Jane A. Plant’s ‘Your Life In Your Hands’, a powerful and inspiring testimony about a woman’s victory over breast cancer. By eliminating dairy (even the hidden dairy ingredients in things like potato chips and wine), Jane overcame her cancer and this news turned our world upside down.

The following few months led me to read two other life-changing health books: Dr T. Colin Campbell’s ‘The China Study’ and Dr Joel Fuhrman’s ‘Eat To Live’. Motivated by Campbell’s extensive research and studies and the shocking health statistics and motivating recovery stories cited by Fuhrman, my husband Ben and I committed ourselves to eating a meat and dairy-free diet. Later we committed to a 100% plant-based diet and we are still following it today. We gain encouragement to maintain our healthy lifestyle from reading the Bible and books by author Ellen White and remain informed and motivated by Dr Michael Greger’s up-to-date health videos at nutritionfacts.org.

Initially, the hardest struggle for us to overcome was the lack of tasty, satisfying, plant-based meals. This was especially the case at restaurants, which tended to interpret ‘plant-based’ as code for ‘a tasteless bowl of over-priced lettuce’. To make matters worse, we were invited to a friend’s place one night and he jokingly commented, “I don’t really know what to feed you. We have carrots!”

Thankfully, over the past few years I have compiled a hearty collection of delicious, flavoursome, plant-based meals. They are healthy and very satisfying. I sincerely hope you will gain a blessing from these recipes and that you will share the message of health with your family, friends and restaurant owners alike.

And for the record, no, we don’t only eat carrots!
Happy cooking!

Leah Jones

… I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
– John 10:10

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