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Welcome to my health tips page – the place where all your veggie questions will find their answers. When I first switched to a plant-based diet I had a LOT of questions and thankfully I discovered helpful books and websites which gave me the answers.

No, We Don’t Only Eat Carrots! – Plant-Based Food For Humans answers the key questions – ‘Why go vegan?’ and ‘But meat makes me strong! Doesn’t it?’ but I know you’ll have many more questions and like me you’ll want the answers. The following books and websites are very informative.



  • Dr T. Colin Campbell – ‘The China Study’
  • Dr Joel Fuhrman – ‘Eat To Live’
  • Jane A. Plant – ‘Your Life In Your Hands’
  • Dr Michael Greger – ‘How Not To Die’

Frequently Asked Questions

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